About me

Let me introduce myself, Angelique Dawnbringer is my name and for the past 20 years of my life I've been working as a CIO/CTO, IT consultant and IT specialist. I specialize in cloud architecture, information security and data protection.

Interests outside of work

I have tons of interests and so little time. In my spare time, I like to go out clubbing with friends, hang out at the climbing centre, take a Fika (Swedish "coffee break") and be with some more friends, online gaming (primarily World of Warcraft), card and board games, roleplay, cosplay and trying out new technology. In other words, being around people. Not that weird for an extrovert individual...

When I am alone, you will find me doing some yoga/pilates and listening to music. It helps me start the day and wind down at the end of it and gives me some clarity and focus when in stressful situations and helps me oversee the larger issues at hand or reach and think through those more difficult to make decisions.

Other things I like doing is reading and blogging... But that those are not really non-work-related. Something else that really allows me to wind down and focus is archery. It helps me getting on target.

Social status

I am a geek, I love fashion, shoes and makeup. I follow the latest trends yet pick my own style... I am married to Jeanie Dawnbringer, a cloud consultant currently studying medical engineering at the Royal institute of technology in Stockholm (KTH).

Current Employer / Assignments

Current Position: Information Security Officer - Group Information Security

Certificates & Education